Tulsa People: The Spice of Life
Routinely voted Tulsa’s best Thai restaurant, Lanna Thai (7227 S. Memorial Drive) offers such faves as tom kha gai (tart and spicy chicken soup) and Yum Yum salad. Binh-Le Vietnamese (5903 E. 31st St.) is known for its bun cha gio, but spring rolls and peanut sauce are also favorites.

Tulsa Food: Lanna Thai on Memorial and 71st
Every once in a while I get a hankering for Thai food.  Why?  Who knows…considering I am a farm girl from Kansas.  Anyway, when this rare craving gets the best of me, I make my husband take me to Lanna Thai on Memorial and 71st. 

Tulsa World: Owner's Son Keeps Authentic Lanna Thai Eatery in the Family
When Tana Karnchanakphan received the phone call from his father, he knew his life would take a major turn - from a career centered on hoops and hardwoods to one focused on stir-fries and curries.